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All companies and organisations are greatly affected by laws and regulations concerning EU data protection laws. That is why we have developed our services. We want to help you use all modern, digital communication services – while complying with the existing legal requirements.

Communication platform with focus on security

SecureAppbox is a Swedish security company that helps companies and organizations with secure digital communication. Our offer is based on a secure cloud service built in accordance with “Privacy, Security & Regulation by design”. Today, our services protect customers communications in more than 160 countries. Our services are built to help customers comply with strict regulatory requirements, privacy and data protection laws. In addition to services such as SecureMailbox, SharedMailbox, SecureMeetings and SecureWhistle, we also offer training  to customers who want to develop integrated and secure cloud services.

Our services comply with GDPR

Since its inception in 2011, SecureAppbox has been a Swedish provider that helps organisations in both the private and the public sector to protect their cloud-based communication in accordance with EU data protection laws. We are the only Swedish company to sit on the EU’s CSP working committee, a committee that works for more secure cloud services.

We help you communicate in a secure way

When you use our cloud-based communication solutions, we make sure that you follow the directives. We are constantly developing our services to comply with all applicable laws.

Protecting sensitive personal data in a digital world is more important than ever, and there are high demands on companies and organisations to keep up. By using our communication platform, you don’t need to adapt your business to meet the demands – our services do it for you.


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Experts in secure digital communication

Since the launch of SecureMeetings, our communications platform has grown, and in 2019 we joined the EU’s working committee for certification framework for secure cloud services. We always have access to the latest information about requirements, both current and future, that underpin the Cybersecurity Regulation – the regulatory framework that applies to all EU member states.


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