Secure communication platform

Build a secure organisation where you comply with data protection laws. Organizer is the platform that makes it possible to use our services for secure communication and data management. In all situations.

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Two-factor authentication

With the Organizer administrative tool, you can ensure that all communication inside and outside your organisation is in compliance with current data protection laws. The tool is created in accordance with Privacy by Design and contains a digital ID – which means that all users are verified via two-factor authentication.

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Secure processes

Organizer interacts with your digital processes and systems, and can be linked to external APIs. Connect and secure all communication directly in the tool. No installation required.


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Can I freeze an account for an employee that will not be allowed to use his/her account during a given time period?

Yes, this is possible to do in Organizer.  You, as the administrator, will first need to click on the user, and activate the user’s Auto-responder.  You will, then, be able to check in “Login disabled”, which will still allow the user to receive incoming SecureMail.  The user, however, will not be able to login to his/her account until he/she contacts you again, so you can enable login again.

Please note that by disabling login, the user will not be able to to user his/her other available services in SecureAppbox, (ex. SecureMeetings).

How do I move an employee to a different department?

For every employed account in Organizer, an “Account actions” feature is provided for the administrator to manage the employee’s account.  Click on Account actions, and choose “Move employment”, and you will be able to choose the department that you would like the user to be employed in.

One of my employees has a new phone number, how can I change this in the user’s account?

Click on the employee and go to the tab “id-control”, where you can add a new phone number.  Once the new number is validated by the user, the new number can be made as the primary number,  which will enable you to delete the old phone number if you wish.

One of my employees has a new email address. How can I update their SecureAppbox account with this new address?

Unfortunately it is not possible to update an email address.  Your employee will either have to hold on to the old email address linked to the existing account, or create a new account with the new email address.

User Roles

What is the difference between an Employee user and a Member user, and which one is best for me to choose?

By choosing “employee” as your user’s role, your organization is owning the user’s account policy. You even have the choice of sponsoring the user’s send options.  You will have certain rights to manage the user’s account, such as updating phone numbers and name, checking if  2-factor authentication is activated, setting up a vacation-responder, pausing the account, keeping track of the user’s login date and time, and even deleting the account.


By choosing “member” as your user’s role, the user account will be considered a private account.  Personal information, such as phone number, last login dates, will not be exposed to anybody.  You as an administrator will still be able to choose to sponsor this user’s send options, depending on your organization’s settings.  You will not, however, have the right to see or change any information for this user.  Although, you can give access rights to this member for a SharedMailbox, or revoke a user’s membership for a group or organization in organizer, you will not be allowed to delete this user.

The member is considered a private user in our service.