With SharedMailbox you comply with all data protection laws when several people have access to the same email account. By using our system, you can efficiently manage shared inboxes while maintaining high security and privacy. Our advanced permission settings ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive information, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and data leaks.

Brevlåda som sitter på husfasad

Functional mailbox with login

Everyone who uses SharedMailbox can access the shared mailbox, and thus the information you want to share, by logging in via their private SecureMailbox account. The service has integrated security features such as ID check, read receipt and logging of all activity.


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Öppen bok som ligger på träbord

Legally compliant in accordance with GDPR

When you use SharedMailbox, the EU’s data protection laws are followed and you communicate according to the international guidelines for privacy protection. We ensure that your data is stored and handled in a secure manner that meets all requirements within GDPR. By offering continuous updates to our system, we ensure that you comply with the latest regulations in data protection and privacy.


I activated SharedMailbox, but I have no access. I do not have a SecureMailbox Account either. How do I login?

If you do not have a securemailbox account, simply click on “login”, and you will be redirected to the securemailbox login page.  Click on “Not registered? Sign up here!” located underneath the sign in form.

I am not able to see my SharedMailbox. How can I get access?

If you are able to login to your SecureMailbox Account, and are not able to see the SharedMailbox, please contact your administrator.  If you do not know who your administrator is, our support team,, will be happy to assist you.