With the SecureWhistle service, employees and people close to the organization can report irregularities that help the company detect possible threats in time – according to the new law for the introduction of whistleblower systems.

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Safe handling of sensitive matters

SecureWhistle offers the opportunity for customers, partners and employees to report irregularities within or around an organization / company, anonymously. When something happens at work or for some other reason needs to come to light, SecureWhistle is an opportunity for secure communication. SecureWhistle protects the person who provides the information and provides the opportunity for an anonymous dialogue about what has been reported.

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The service complies with the new legislation

SecureAppbox takes overall responsibility for the operation and implementation of SecureWhistle, and this in close collaboration with our specialist partners within handling and consulting. The service can be offered as a supplement to our other services. As of December 17, 2021, a new law on whistleblowing came into force. The law means that it is possible to report irregularities both internally at the workplace and externally to authorities. A large group of individuals can use and be protected by the whistleblower system against possible reprisals. The protected group includes not only employees, but also people such as volunteers, trainees, consultants and shareholders.

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What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing means that someone reveals irregularities or wrongdoing within an organization, company or authority. There are several examples of whistleblowing that have had a major impact on society and business.

A well-known example is Edward Snowden, who revealed surveillance methods at the American NSA. This led to a global debate about privacy and surveillance. Another example is Dieselgate, where Volkswagen employees raised the alarm that the company was manipulating emissions tests for diesel cars. This resulted in extensive fines and claims for damages.

In Sweden, the Telia scandal is an example of whistleblowing, where employees raised the alarm about suspected bribery in connection with the company’s establishment in Uzbekistan. This led to an extensive legal process and changes within the company.

Whistleblowers are important in exposing corruption, abuse of power and other irregularities. They contribute to strengthening legal certainty, protecting society’s values ​​and maintaining a high ethical standard.


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