Do I have to change e-mail adress?

No, SecureMailbox isn’t an e-mail provider or into e-mail hosting. SecureMailbox just protects your messages with the most secure encryption technology available on the Internet. All you have to do is sign up and send your most important messages using your account.

You sign up using your existing e-mail address. The e-mail address must exist and not bounce (refuse) notifications sent to it.

I want to delete my SecureAppbox account

You are free to terminate your account whenever you want.  For more information, go to your account settings and click terminate account, and you will shortly get an email for your verification before everything gets deleted.

Can I cancel my account plan any time?

Yes, you are free to cancel your account plan whenever you want.  Simply go to your account settings and click on the tab “Change Plan” to choose the account plan that you would like to have.

Can anybody create an account?

Yes, anybody can create an account for free.  The user will get a 28-day Pro-trail plan which will automatically downgrade to a Lite plan after the trial period ends.

I am trying to create an account, but I am not receiving an sms

If someone else has tried emailing you, and you do not have an existing account, please contact the sender so he/she can provide the correct mobile number for you.  You can click on the link, “Notify the sender”, provided in the registration page.

What is the cost? Can I change or cancel my plans at any time?

The basic SecureMailbox service is free for Personal use, but if you decide to use external services (like SMS text messages) or upgrade to our premium services you need to pay that through your account. You put in a small amount €3 or €10 or more, and the purchases you decide to do are then automatically withdrawn from that credit. For Pro, Business or Enterprise please look at our price list. All prices are published in your profile and you can cancel or change Plans at any time.

Other Questions

Legally correct communication, what does this mean?

SecureMailbox is the first service that has been implemented according to the new possibilities to handle all collaboration legally correct in an App. By combining encryption, storage, strong sender authentication of the receiver as well as laws in the right way, the service can help any user or 3rd party App developer to handle classified data, bank secrecy, patient data and personal privacy laws all over the world. SecureAppbox is operating out of Sweden where the constitution provides one of the strongest legal protections in the world of personal privacy.

What is being encrypted in the message that I send?

All data in SecureMailbox is encrypted. Both data about your messages as well as the messages are encrypted.

You do need to be aware that message titles may be included in notifications sent thru standard email or SMS. This can be controlled by the receiver who can select to receive “neutral” notifications without the message titles included.

I have received a secure message, but I do not have a SecureAppbox Account. How do I read the message?

This means a SecureAppbox sender has sent you an encrypted message that may include sensitive data, along with a secure one-time sms code for further authentication.

To open the message, you will simply have to click on the “Verify your account” button.  This will redirect you to a SecureAppbox registration site, where you will be able to choose your password and use your sms code, and open the encrypted message.

I have received a message that I cannot open

You will need to click on the button and do a simple registration in order to read the encrypted message. The account will be free, and you are free to delete it any time if you do not want to continue using it.

I have a new phone number, and my old phone number is no longer in use

If you have previously saved or printed out one-time codes, you will be able to verify your new phone number with one of those temporary codes. Otherwise, contact our support.  If you have a business account, please contact your administrator.

Where are my messages stored geographically?

Messages are by default stored within the EU, in Sweden.
Organization customers can elect storage in a different region. E.g. a German government entity may want local storage in Germany, or an American hospital may want US storage for their physicians.

Is support included?

E-mail support is included and you can use the address within the service. For Business customers we offer premium support. Contact

How can I see if someone has read the secure message I have sent?

There are two ways to check this. The first is the color of the Sent message status in SecureMailbox:
Green: Your message has been read.
Yellow: Read by some of the recipients (but not all).
Red: Your message has not been read at all.
The other way to know when someone has read your message is to use the Send option called Read notification. With Read notification turned on for a message, you get a text notification (SMS) directly to your mobile phone when your message has been read.

Is it possible to get SecureMailbox customized?

Yes, SecureMailbox customization is available for Enterprise users. Both the application itself as well as messages can have a custom layout. Contact:

Do I need to download any software?

As long as your browser is supported by SecureMailbox you do not need to download any software. See our FAQ section “Which browsers are supported?”.

Are messages transmitted through SecureMailbox legally binding?

SecureMailbox is a transmission platform, which sends messages confidentially and verifiable from e-mail address A to e-mail address B. SecureMailbox has no influence over the content of the message. Whether messages sent through SecureMailbox are legally binding depends on the content of the messages and cannot be generally answered or influenced by SecureMailbox. As long as the law or the will of the parties do not provide for formal regulations, the form of any agreements between parties are free and thus fundamentally possible verbally, by e-mail, or through certified documents that have been signed.
Please note, however, that the value of the proof for electronically concluded agreements may be subject to a court ruling in each individual case. The question of whether an electronic SMS receipt (Read notification) will be accepted into evidence by a judge is something that we cannot decide. As with normal registered mail, the receipt can be entered into evidence. In a dispute, the judge must decide whether the receipt provides sufficient proof.

Can anyone use SecureMailbox?

Yes, the only thing you need is a valid e-mail address and a mobile phone that can receive text messages (with security access codes). Possibly you might need to update/change your browser. See the FAQ section “Which browsers are supported?”. No other software downloads or technical knowledge are required. SecureMailbox offers free secure communication for all e-mail users around the world, where you only pay if you want to use add-on options or upgrade to our premium services.
The e-mail address you use must exist and not bounce (refuse) notifications sent to it.

How do I start using SecureMailbox on desktop?

There are different ways to start your application: Enter the website: (click on Log in) or store as your starting page in your favorite browse. SecureMailbox supports all leading browsers: Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

How do I write a secure message?

Three steps to write a secure message:
a) Either click on Compose and type the recipient’s e-mail address in the “To” field or;
b) if it’s an already verified contact, click on “My contacts” and select Compose. You can add several recipients this way.
c) Attach any files that you wish to include in your message.
d) Send the message by clicking the send button.

How do I send a message?

Sending the message: Before it is encrypted and sent you will be asked to select Send options. This is the level of control/security you need on this specific message. a) Select the options you need and then click send. b) If it’s a new user, you will be asked to enter the recipients mobile number to guarantee that the right person receive and read the message.


What is two-factor login?

In addition to your username and password, the two-factor login provides enhanced security even if an attacker is able to guess your password, as they would not be in physical possession of your mobile phone.

The two-factor code comes from an Authenticator App on your mobile device. It produces one-time codes that are only valid for 30 seconds. The App must implement TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) security tokens from RFC6238.

There are several Apps on the market that can be used for two-factor authentication. One free App which is widely used in both Androids and iPhones is “Google Authenticator”. For Windows phones, you can for example, use the “Authenticator” App.

The two-factor login feature is activated through your SecureMailbox account settings, under id-control.

NOTE: It is important that the clock on your phone is correct. The code generation is dependent on an accurate time.

I have the two-factor authenticator activated, but I don’t have the app in my phone. How can I log in?

In the login page, check in “I have two-factor login enabled” and click on “Lost your authenticator?”.  You will either verify yourself with an sms code that will be sent to the phone number you select, or use a printed one-time code to log in again.

Note, that you will have to reactivate the two-factor in your phone again.

I have changed my phone number, and I do not remember my password.

If you have previously printed out one-time codes, you will be able to use one of the codes to authenticate yourself to login.  If you do not have one-time codes, please contact support, and we will assist you.  If you have a business account, please contact your administrator.

I forgot my password

You can always reset your password as long as you have the correct phone number linked to your account, or printed/saved one-time codes available in your account.  Use the link “forgot your password”, provided in the login page.