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In our secure communication platform, companies and organizations can manage all their internal and external communications, knowing that the content is always protected. We know secure digital communication, let us help you today.


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Communication Platform

In our secure and encrypted communication platform SecureAppbox Connect you can, among other things, send encrypted emails regardless of recipient and conduct secure video meetings.

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How does SecureAppbox protect sensitive information?

SecureAppbox protects sensitive information through layers of encryption (in accordance with recommendations from Enisa/EDPB). The approach can be likened with a bank safe. You are assigned your own bank safe where your data only can be accessed by those who have been granted a key. SecureAppbox can therefore be seen as a bank vault that protects all bank safes and keys and ensures that no one else can see who holds a bank safe at SecureAppbox. If you handle sensitive information and want to be sure that your data is placed in a comparable bank vault, then we are the right choice for you.


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Data protection

With our cloud-based services, all digital dialogues become secure, regardless of whether you communicate internally or with third parties. IT security is about protecting sensitive personal data and creating a basis for security around all connected services and products. Increased IT security is a natural and necessary consequence of our digital society, which places high demands on your business. With our secure communication platform as a basis for video meetings, email correspondence or otherwise exchanging information, you can then be confident that current directives are being followed. Let us help you with your data protection so that you instead can focus on what you do best.


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Secure digital communication

Whether you communicate by email, fax or video conferencing, we guarantee total privacy. When you share sensitive and personal information, our integrated solutions ensure that everything is done in a secure, legal manner.

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Secure data collection

With the help of our service SecureForms, sensitive data is collected in a secure way with full traceability, without the risk of confidentiality being breached and this by encrypting the information and also protecting the information with the help of two-factor authentication.

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Secure video conferencing

With our service SecureMeetings, you can be sure that everything is encrypted, both before, during and after the meeting. The service meets all technical and legal requirements and is easy to integrate with other systems.

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Grab a cup of coffee and read the latest news from us. Here you will also find advice and tips on how to think about secure digital communication and secure digital processes.


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