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comply with the GDPR

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Our services

We help you analyze and prioritize compliance with GDPR and offers expertise in Privacy by Design.

  • GDPR Organizer

    GDPR Organizer, help you to manage and organize your compliance with the new data protection regulation. 

  • GDPR Incident

    A secure and direct channel for managing low and high risk incidents.

  • GDPR Authorizer

    Allowing customers to use our ready-made GDPR features as user authentication (OAuth 2.0) for exciting applications and web services.

How to start

Secure your organization

GDPR Organizer secure people, processes and information, quick and easy.

GDPR Organizer is easy to set up and manage for both small as well as global organizations. In the administration console you manage security and compliance policies, organise groups and set account types.

SecureMailbox is an integrated part of the GDPR Organizer platform where organizations can share messages, files and application data according to Privacy by Design principles.

SecureMailbox, has been awarded a Privasee SEAL for compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the ISO/IEC 29100 Privacy Framework.

Certified apps and services

Examples of services and apps that already complies with GDPR.

In a connected world private, as well as public organizations, need to make their services available without infringing on their security. Not just for the law, but for the citizens. 

The platform protects personal data under the whole lifecycle and open new opportunities for all type of web and mobile applications within eGov and eHealth.

Above: IMR Pro which supports clinicians in the field of severe mental illness and which recruits foster family homes for local municipalities, are two examples of applications that meet the requirements for GDPR. 


    What we do

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    Latest news

    • Seminar 22/3: How to act when GDPR makes personal data illegal in email


      When the EU Data Protection Directive GDPR enters into force on 25 May, the exception rule lays down the processing of personal data in e-mail. This means a major transformation for organizations. Many people find that unstructured data and email is the biggest challenge. During this breakfast...

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    • Christina Skodra Pettersson new CEO of SecureAppbox AB


      On February 1st, Christina Skodra Pettersson took over as new CEO of SecureAppbox AB.
      Christina has extensive experience from the IT and Telecom industry and comes closest to the IT consultancy company Harbor Front, where she has been CEO for the past three years.

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