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Digital communication has never been easier. Or more complicated. Protection of sensitive personal data is subject to a number of laws and regulations, and a company or organisation today must know that they comply with them.


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Data protection

With our cloud-based services, all digital dialogues are secure – whether you communicate internally or with third parties. Increased IT security is a good thing – it is about protecting sensitive personal data and creating a framework for security around all connected services and products. Increased IT security is a natural and necessary consequence of our digital society that places exacting demands on your business. With our secure communication platform as the basis for video meetings, email correspondence or other information exchange, the current directives are followed to the letter. With the help of us you can instead safely focus on what you do best.


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Secure digital communication

Whether you communicate by email, fax or video conferencing, we guarantee total privacy. When you share sensitive and personal information, our integrated solutions ensure that everything is done in a secure, legal manner.

Secure data collection

Collect and manage sensitive data with full traceability, without the risk of breach of confidentiality. Smart cloud-based services enable us to store those items that must never be disclosed.

Secure video conferencing

A personal meeting between two people, or more, is secured through authentication and full control for the person administering the meeting. The service meets all the technical and legal requirements you may not have even known you had to take into account – it is also easy to integrate with other systems.

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Our services are evolving at the same rapid pace as the digital society – help shape the digital dialogues of the future in a world where laws and regulations are created in real time.