Secure digital fax

With Secure E-fax you replace the physical fax with a digital one. Reduce the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands, and be sure to comply with the applicable data protection laws. In addition, you save time and money by avoiding paper consumption and expensive maintenance costs for fax machines. Use easy and secure access to your faxed documents wherever you are.

Brunt kuvert med vit bakgrund

Encrypted messages

The service ensures that your physical messages end up in a secure digital mailbox. With Secure e-Fax, you can create function accounts that ensure that only authorised users have access to the information. Your communication is therefore more protected than ever, while remaining digital and easily accessible to the right recipients.

Löparbana startlinje

Easy to get started

Getting started with Secure e-Fax is quick and requires no training or installation. The service is connected to our SecureMailbox service, and administration takes place via our ID Organizer administration portal.


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Other Questions

I want to order a Secure E-fax. How do I get started?

If your organization is interested in using digital, secure fax, contact for further information so our team can guide you.