Secure video conferencing

Being able to share sensitive information via video is an important part of many people’s work. Regardless of how many people attend a meeting, we help you to act in accordance with the applicable laws.

Video conferencing with privacy in focus

Video conferencing makes everyday life more efficient, and has become a natural part of many people’s working lives. Meeting on screen is a simple and time-saving part of our everyday lives. However, when a video call involves sensitive personal data in any way, high data protection requirements are placed on the company or organisation. Just like any other digital communication. With our SecureMeetings service, you can securely handle everything you need via video conferencing, knowing that it is encrypted and secure.

Digital meeting with ID feauture

When we launched SecureMeetings in 2020, the need for secure digital video conferencing was extremely high. The video service protects all dialogue in accordance with both existing and future laws on data protection and the sharing of sensitive personal data. The service is adapted to your email client, interface and URL.


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Multi-party meeting with identification

Encryption for multiparty communication makes it safe to invite more people to the meeting. You can also authenticate all invitees via BankID, for example. The person in charge of the meeting is administered and authenticated by the system automatically.

Confidentiality is prioritized

With SecureMeetings, you use the highest security standards available in video (WebRTC, TLS, SRTP, H.235 and AES-128 encryption) and can thus create continued digital dialogues in accordance with current laws. The ID Organizer administration portal is required to use the service.