SecureMeetings gets a waiting room function

Stockholm, Sweden 2022-02-14. SecureAppbox continues to develop its service SecureMeetings with focus on the individual nature of the meeting and it is with pleasure that we today can tell you that we will add a waiting room function.


Privacy-protected waiting room

The launch of the waiting room function takes place today, February 14. This function means that we have created a privacy-protected waiting room where the participants are first placed before being admitted by the person in charge of the meeting into the actual meeting.

The waiting room function can also be used during an ongoing meeting for individual discussion and then you can place certain meeting participants in the waiting room to then choose when the participant should be allowed back into the meeting, and this so that one or more people will not see or hear other participants.


High confidentiality meetings

This meeting type is used for high confidentiality. Our new waiting room function in combination with SecureMeetings means that all users must verify themselves and that the person in charge of the meeting is the only one who can control everything, and this results in a very robust, flexible and secure service.

If you have any questions or concerns, you are most welcome to contact us at: