Webinar – SecureAppbox new generation

Reserve your seat for a presentation of our next generation of our secure services where SecureMeetings is a central part.

Demo of our new generation

We will have a short demo of our new generation of our secure services during november. SecureAppbox introduces a new generation of our secure cloud services. We develop together with our customers, hence we have been developing this new generation in close collaboration with our customers.


Handle sensitive data

Since the pandemic, SecureMeetings has been an important part of our everyday life. Today, everyone who handles sensitive data needs to be able to securely handle the information and decisions both before, during and after important digital meetings.


Available time slots 

11/11 08.30

15/11 11.30

18/11 08.30

21/11 11.30

25/11 08.30

Approx 30 min

How to attend: Please send an email to malin@secureappbox.com with name, company/organisation and the date of when you wish to attend. A few days prior to the webinar you will receive a personal link to the event.

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