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One dashboard. All services.

We live our lives increasingly digitally, both privately and at work. A good example of this is that we today increasingly participate in more digital meetings than physical meetings, both internally as well as externally. A more comprehensive digital life means that we need services that are secure, user-friendly, clear and that simplify our new digital everyday life. It was precisely these factors that we had in mind when we developed our communication platform. We intended to create a secure and encrypted communication platform that holds all types of digital communication technology in one and the same place, but which must never sacrifice security and user-friendliness. In our platform, you can carry out your important digital processes, create new digital ways of working as well as sending and receiving emails, create and carry out secure video meetings.


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Encrypted Communication Platform

Our basic view is that you can achieve a high level of security without having to sacrifice user-friendliness, and this is something that we always take into account when developing our services, but above all when developing SecureAppbox Connect. In our communication platform you will find all of our services and you can rest assured that sensitive information is always secure.

One platform. One connection.

In our communication platform you will find all the communication services you could possibly need. You only log in at one place using either a username and password or alternatively with Bank Id, Freija Eid or another identification service. With an IDP connection, we can then adapt the identification method according to your needs and the way you are used to working. After logging in, you have full access to all services. In other words, you do not have to log in multiple times to access the respective service, however, for security reasons, you are automatically logged out of the communication platform after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Secure. No matter where you are.

With the help of our communication platform, you can email, create and conduct video meetings, send and receive digital fax messages, regardless of where you are. Our secure and encrypted platform enables employers and employees to safely work with confidential information regardless of the communication method and regardless of where in the world you are.


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