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SDK Integration

Secure digital communication (SDK Inera) creates the conditions for secure and uniform handling of sensitive information. This applies to information that is exchanged between activities within the public sector, including private performers of public assignments, for example within the healthcare sector, human service agencies as well as schools. The SDK project has always been a priority project for SecureAppbox and we have implemented several pilots and can already today help you implement SDK.

This means that SecureAppbox together with SDK secures the future of your digital communication and you do not have to wait for SDK but can take advantage of the SecureAppbox platform today and get even more functionality when SDK is ready.

If you need help with the SDK integration, we are happy to help you, contact us today!


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Why SDK?

In today’s digital society, the need to be able to communicate between different businesses in a secure way in order to protect sensitive data arises more and more often. In order to do this, different types of secure systems must be able to be accessed without sacrificing security and privacy.

SDK, which is an abbreviation of Secure Digital Communication, is a government project for handling the transfer of sensitive information digitally between different parties within society such as between citizens and authorities or municipal operations.
SDK therefore offers a common secure address book that can be used for communication between different parties.

In order to be able to communicate with high security between different parties within society, there is a set standard that connects the various organizations’ systems for the transmission of secure messages as well as a certificate management that allows two parties to exchange encrypted information.