SecureAppbox is launching a new generation of its secure messaging services in collaboration with City Network

Stockholm, Sweden February 28, 2022. In the new generation of secure messaging services, we have now created the option for separate storage of messages. This means that customers are now offered the option of self-storage and control over their messages with local secure cloud providers. In Sweden, we now offer our customers the opportunity to store their information with City Network, in their Compliant Cloud.


Swedish and European infrastructure for cloud services

“City Network has been at the forefront of developments in creating a secure Swedish and European infrastructure for cloud services that has been adapted to current regulations for data sovereignty. We are happy to be able to offer our customers their secure environment”, says Christina Pettersson, CEO at SecureAppbox AB.

“During the spring, we will expand our offer in the Nordic countries as well as to other European countries. The order in which we expand to different markets is governed by the demand from our customers,” concludes Christina Pettersson, CEO of SecureAppbox AB.

“We are pleased to collaborate with SecureAppbox in their continued work to offer secure messaging services to the market. By operating the service from our cloud services with built-in regulatory compliance, end customers can ensure that their information is handled in accordance with local data legislation, such as publicity and privacy legislation,” says Johan Christenson, founder of City Network and VP Innovation.

Protect information

“In our connected world, you need to have control over the information that is communicated and protect where it is stored, especially in the public sector. Our data protection laws and new upcoming European cyber security laws around data sovereignty need to be complied with,” says Anders Jonson, Senior Advisor within Cyber ​​Security & GDPR at Enisa’s AHWG for EUCS.


About SecureAppbox & City Network

About SecureAppbox: SecureAppbox is a Swedish company founded in 2011 with the ambition to solve the problem of legal authentication and secure communication when everyone is connected to the cloud. The company helps organizations in both the private and public sector to protect their communications in the cloud according to EU data protection laws. Since 2021, SecureAppbox has been part of the EU’s Alliance for Data, Edge and Cloud.

About City Network: City Network is a leading global provider of cloud services for IT infrastructure. The company’s cloud services are all built on the open platform OpenStack and are offered as public, private or a compliant cloud.

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